Happy Family. Healthy Planet.®

Happy Family. Healthy Planet.®
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you for supporting us!

Although Robin had been selling cloth diapers for two years, deciding to take the step to open a brick and mortar cloth diaper store last January was an enormous undertaking for the Morris Family. The project took more than 8 months to get off the ground, with our sweet little Bianca Blu joining our family mid-way through the process. We toured dozens of retail locations around Denver, and met with countless advisers, mentors, and city officials. It required hours upon hours of paperwork, schooling, and meetings. They say 'It Takes a Village' to raise a child. Giving birth to a new business is much the same way. We couldn't have met our Grand Opening date with out the love, support, meals, babysitting and manual labor our friends and family offered, especially in the final week.

Opening day was a blur of ribbon cutting and hugs, with a few hiccups along the way. The months that followed were much the same way. Friends became customers, and customers became friends. Norah, Jodi, Sarah and Saige were familiar faces around the store, sharing their knowledge and passion for cloth diapers, baby carriers and green, healthy living with clients.

In the spring, after being open only a few months, we were amazed to learn Westword Magazine had selected our cloth diaper boutique to the esteemed 'Best of Denver' list, as Best Green Store for Babies. Then in May, the City of Lakewood featured us in their Lakewood: Open for Business television show. The following month, eco-POLITAN was selected for endorsements by a local and national radio personality in Denver.

Summer turned to fall, and Robin and Paul headed to the ABC Baby Expo in Las Vegas to pick up new eco-responsible baby gear for the store. Winter arrived, along with holiday shoppers anxious to buy high quality, safe, educational toys that didn't blink, bang or require their weight in batteries. Along the way, we our staff grew to include Rose and Braiden, Julie and Raleigh, Miss Karen, and Michelle and Julieta.

Suddenly, we had come full circle and it was January again, and our first anniversary was just a couple short weeks away. The party was loads of fun, and we were so excited to see old friends and make some new ones. We were honored to learn clients from WY, NE and NM traveled miles just to visit a 'real cloth diaper store'. Cupcakes were eaten, prizes awarded, and loyal clients greeted and served with the same amazing customer service you've thanked us for always providing.

As we start into our second year, we offer you, our loyal client and faithful cloth diaper advocates, a huge heartfelt hug and 'thank you'. Thank you for encouraging us to open the storefront. Thank you for shopping with us and registering with us. Thank you for telling your friends, your family, your co-workers (and the people you meet in airports and bathrooms at the zoo) about our store. Thank you for sharing your birth stories, your breastfeeding adventures, your babies' milestones, and your lives with us. We wouldn't be where we are today without so many of you to support us.

Thanks for shopping with us over the last three years, and supporting a mom-owned and operated company.

Happy eco-Shopping!
Julie, Karen, Michelle, Rose, Sarah
Robin, Paul, Levi and Bianca

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