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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All In Two!

Recently, we covered All-In-Ones, and now it's time for All-In-Twos. Despite the similar name, All-In-Twos are a totally different diapering system from All-In-Ones. Instead of the waterproof outside, soft fleecy lining and absorbent interior all being sewn together, All-In-Twos are made up of a waterproof cover and a separate, absorbent insert that either lays or snaps into the cover. The cover doesn't need to get washed every time, so you can just swap out the dirty insert for a clean one. This brings the price down quite a bit compared to AIOs since you only need five (or so) covers. AI2 diapers also dry a lot faster than AIOs.

We carry two AI2 brands, BestBottoms (on top) and JamTots (on bottom shelf).
BestBottoms are American made by the same mom-inventer of PlanetWise wet bags that are so popular we can hardly keep them on the shelves! BestBottoms use a one-size cover that comes in snaps or velcro closures.
The snaps overlap so you can get a nice, snug fit.
Their one-size cover will fit from birth to potty by adjusting the rows of snaps down the front. This pink diaper is set to the smallest setting.
Their microfiber snap-in inserts are sized and have a stay-dry top. They also have a snap-in microfiber doubler and a hemp option as well.
The cover is made of two layers of waterproof PUL and has double-gussets to make sure you get a perfect fit on even the skinniest legs. They come in lots of cute colors, too!
Here's their stay dry topped microfiber insert and below, their microfiber double snapped to the stay dry topped insert.
For super-soakers, you could use their hemp insert with a microfiber doubler all snapped together to stay in place.
Their inserts all come in small, medium, and large sizes.
For five covers, at $17 per cover, it would be $85. For 24 small inserts, 18 medium inserts and 12 large inserts (our recommendation) at $4 per insert, it would be $216. So the total amount from birth to potty is only $301. For the hemp option with the same number of inserts, it would be $409. If you needed some microfiber doublers for overnights, they are only $7 a piece. You probably wouldn't need as many doublers since they are mostly used for nighttime, nap time, or long car rides.

JamTots are a Canadian company that makes the most luxurious diapers! Their covers are waterproof PUL on the inside and indescribably soft minky on the outside.
Their inserts come in small, medium and large sizes. They are made of hemp and topped with even more moisture-wicking minky so baby's bottom is wrapped in the softest material imaginable. Hemp is more absorbent than cotton and naturally antimicrobial.
The inserts snap into the cover to make sure everything stays in its place.
To speed up drying time, the insert folds in thirds under the minky layer. This also means it gets thoroughly clean.
JamTots come in small, medium, and large sizes and lots of cool colors and prints.
They snap on the sides and have plenty of snap settings to make sure you get a great fit.

Each size of JamTots cover is $22. For five smalls, five mediums, and five larges, it would be $330 total. You could break up the cost by only buying the size you need at the time. The inserts are all $10. For 24 small, 18 medium, and 12 large, the total cost of inserts would be $540. If you were to break up the cost into three sets of sized JamTots, it would be $350 the first time, $290 the second time, and $230 the last time.
Total birth to potty cost is $870. Sized diapers do cost a little more than one-sized diapers, but you'll get a trimmer fit with less adjusting to worry about. For a luxurious, ridiculously cute and perhaps one of the most absorbent diapers, that's not bad at all!

Stay tuned as we get into All-In-Threes next week!

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