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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Heinys!

Next on our list of one-size pocket diapers is Happy Heinys! They come in so many different colors and prints you won't believe it!
They come in snaps or velcro. Both closure styles overlap so you can be sure you'll get a perfect fit on even skinny babies.
Both snap and velcro closure diapers grow with your baby and will fit from 8 pounds all the way up to 35+ pounds. To adjust the rise of the diaper, snap the front down to shorten the diaper. The snaps are under a lifetime guarantee too! For tiny newborns, Happy Heiny offers a mini one-size diaper with an adjustable rise for babies 5-15 lbs too!

Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. One insert is smaller than the other. The smaller insert is used when the diaper is in the smallest setting. The larger insert is used when the diaper is in the medium or largest setting. The smaller insert can also be used as a booster for nighttime, naps, or long car rides. Each insert is three layers of super absorbent microfiber.
Many parents prefer velcro because it's so easy, but some toddlers grow curious about their velcro diapers and try to undo them. Thankfully, since Happy Heinys' velcro overlaps and hides the scratchy side, it's harder for toddlers to undo and still easy for mom and dad!
Happy Heinys are 100% made in the USA - including their microfiber inserts! The outside is waterproof and the inside is soft micro-fleece. All you have to do is stuff their absorbent insert inside the large pocket and they go on and off like a disposable!

Depending on whether you decide to get solid colors or prints, and velcro or snaps, the price for Happy Heinys varies from $18 to $22 per diaper. For a full stash of 24 Happy Heinys, it would be approximately $480.

Happy Heinys, as a company, feels very strongly about the best way to care for their diapers. In particular, Happy Heinys does not recommend using 7th Generation, Charlie's, SensiClean, or SportWash. It's a good idea to do your homework on any brand of diaper and learn how they suggest to care for their products. Some detergents, although recommended by one brand of diaper, may void the warranty of another diaper brand. You can learn about how to care for your Happy Heinys by clicking here.

Stay tuned! We have a lot more one size pocket diapers to feature!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you for supporting us!

Although Robin had been selling cloth diapers for two years, deciding to take the step to open a brick and mortar cloth diaper store last January was an enormous undertaking for the Morris Family. The project took more than 8 months to get off the ground, with our sweet little Bianca Blu joining our family mid-way through the process. We toured dozens of retail locations around Denver, and met with countless advisers, mentors, and city officials. It required hours upon hours of paperwork, schooling, and meetings. They say 'It Takes a Village' to raise a child. Giving birth to a new business is much the same way. We couldn't have met our Grand Opening date with out the love, support, meals, babysitting and manual labor our friends and family offered, especially in the final week.

Opening day was a blur of ribbon cutting and hugs, with a few hiccups along the way. The months that followed were much the same way. Friends became customers, and customers became friends. Norah, Jodi, Sarah and Saige were familiar faces around the store, sharing their knowledge and passion for cloth diapers, baby carriers and green, healthy living with clients.

In the spring, after being open only a few months, we were amazed to learn Westword Magazine had selected our cloth diaper boutique to the esteemed 'Best of Denver' list, as Best Green Store for Babies. Then in May, the City of Lakewood featured us in their Lakewood: Open for Business television show. The following month, eco-POLITAN was selected for endorsements by a local and national radio personality in Denver.

Summer turned to fall, and Robin and Paul headed to the ABC Baby Expo in Las Vegas to pick up new eco-responsible baby gear for the store. Winter arrived, along with holiday shoppers anxious to buy high quality, safe, educational toys that didn't blink, bang or require their weight in batteries. Along the way, we our staff grew to include Rose and Braiden, Julie and Raleigh, Miss Karen, and Michelle and Julieta.

Suddenly, we had come full circle and it was January again, and our first anniversary was just a couple short weeks away. The party was loads of fun, and we were so excited to see old friends and make some new ones. We were honored to learn clients from WY, NE and NM traveled miles just to visit a 'real cloth diaper store'. Cupcakes were eaten, prizes awarded, and loyal clients greeted and served with the same amazing customer service you've thanked us for always providing.

As we start into our second year, we offer you, our loyal client and faithful cloth diaper advocates, a huge heartfelt hug and 'thank you'. Thank you for encouraging us to open the storefront. Thank you for shopping with us and registering with us. Thank you for telling your friends, your family, your co-workers (and the people you meet in airports and bathrooms at the zoo) about our store. Thank you for sharing your birth stories, your breastfeeding adventures, your babies' milestones, and your lives with us. We wouldn't be where we are today without so many of you to support us.

Thanks for shopping with us over the last three years, and supporting a mom-owned and operated company.

Happy eco-Shopping!
Julie, Karen, Michelle, Rose, Sarah
Robin, Paul, Levi and Bianca

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011

Big changes often start as small ideas. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is no different!

What started as an idea by small cloth diaper store owner has evolved into an international effort to promote cloth diapering as the only eco-responsible and fiscally-responsible choice in modern times.

Celebrate Earth Day 2011, by joining the North American and International cloth diaper community on Saturday April 23rd, 2011 at 10AM MDT to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously around the world.

The eco-POLITAN cloth diaper store in Denver is one of dozens of locations around the country (and beyond) selected to be an official host for the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Every host location needs a minimum of 25 participants to be counted in the offical world wide total. If you are located in the Metro Denver area, please mark your calendar to join us on April 23rd. We have an Event posted on our Facebook page. Please RSVP on Facebook so your Facebook friends will see you're attending. We'll post an official sign-up on our store website, as soon as all of the details become available.

If you reside outside Colorado, visit www.GreatClothDiaperChange.com to find a location near you.

Please contact us for more information and start spreading the word to your friends, families, co-workers, schools, daycare centers and playgroups.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bum Genius One Size Diapers

So far, we have covered prefolds, fitted, contoured, All-In-Ones, All-In-Twos, and All-In-Three diapers. That means it's finally time for One-Size diapers! We have more One-Size diapers than any other kind so rather than doing a post about all of them at once, we've decided to break it up and only feature one brand at a time. Let's start things off with Bum Genius!

Here are two of their new prints from their Artist Series. Get 'em while you can because they are a limited-edition!

Here's the back side. I love these! Most diapers come in only solids or "baby" prints, but these are so chic and cute!
Bum Genius also has a wide array of beautiful solid colors in both bright, fun colors and more muted pastels so they disappear under clothes. Both prints and solids come in snap or velcro closures.
Every time you wash a velcro-closure diaper, make sure you stick the tabs down on their laundry tabs. The tabs inside the diaper are really soft and don't irritate baby's skin.
Each diaper comes with two inserts. One is larger and can be snapped down to adjust extra absorbency to the front or back of the diaper. The other is a smaller insert that can be used alone for smaller babies or as a booster for overnights. The inside front of the diaper has a strip of waterproof PUL so that your baby doesn't leak to the front. It's perfect for kids who like to sleep on their tummies!
Bum Genius' 3x3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes (approximately 7-35+ pounds). To make the rise even smaller, you can also fold in the fabric above the velcro strip on the front of the diaper.

The pocket is very wide and easy to stuff.
This is how Bum Genius recommends you care for their diapers: Fasten hook tabs to laundry tabs on slot cover. Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (100F/40C) with bumGenius detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry cover. Tumble dry insert. No fabric softeners. Use 1/4 cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.

Bum Genius prints are $20 and solid colors are $18. For a full stash of 24, it would be between $432 to $480. But don't forget, we offer a "Dozen Diaper Discount!" For every dozen you buy, we knock a dollar off of each diaper!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All In Three!

Last week we covered All-In-Twos, which are basically just a cover and a cloth insert that you can swap out for a clean cloth insert. All-In-Threes (or AI3s, a.k.a. "hybrid" diapers) are still a cover-system, except you can use a cloth insert or a disposable insert making travel, errands, baby sitting, etc. a little bit easier. Who doesn't like easier?!

Let's start with the very popular gDiaper!

Their adorable covers are called "Little gPants" and come in small, medium, and large sizes. They are soft cotton on the outside and have a snap-in waterproof shell that snugs up around the absorbent insert.
gDiapers recommends having at least six gPants so you always have a clean one ready to go. You can also buy extra shells to expand your stash. As long as the gPants aren't dirty, you can just snap in a new shell and you're good to go!

The cute little g goes in the back. gDiapers only come in velcro, which closes in the back to keep curious toddlers from undoing their diapers! They come in a wide array of beautiful colors, too.
As an AI3, they have a cloth insert and a disposable insert. The best thing about their disposable inserts are that they are actually biodegradable! Both cloth and biodegradable insert come in two sizes and both are very slim and not bulky at all. The cloth inserts are hemp (which is more absorbent than cotton) topped with fleece. The fleece wicks the moisture away from baby's bottom, preventing rashes and keeping baby feeling dry.

The biodegradable inserts are great for travel, babysitters, or when you'll be out of the house for a long time. They are so compact that you can stash a couple in your diaper bag for emergencies and you won't even know they are there until you really need 'em! They really do absorb quite a bit and they really do biodegrade! The biodegradable inserts are flushable, and compostable. If your baby ever gets a diaper rash and you have to use a cream that's not compatible with your cloth diapers, gDiaper's biodegradable inserts can be a lifesaver. And here's a little secret, just between us: they're compatible with Thirsties and Bummis covers, too! Many new parents ease into cloth diapering with these fabulous biodegradable inserts. They put skeptics to rest with their easy to use system.
At $18 per cover, it would be $108 for each new size of Little gPants or $324 for all the Little gPants you'd need. If you did all cloth inserts, you'd need at least 24. They come in packs of six and both the small size and the large size are $30 per pack. So that would be another $120 per size, bringing the total cost from birth to potty to $564. Their biodegradable inserts cost $0.36 for the smalls and $0.45 for the large, so while they're not ideal for every day use, they are a great option to keep in mind for certain situations!

Next up is Flip! Flip is made by the same company that owns Bum Genius. Flip uses a one-size waterproof cover, so you don't have to buy different sizes. They also have microfiber inserts, organic cotton inserts and disposable inserts.

Flip diapers securely snap shut and adjust in size by adjusting the snaps on the front of the diaper. This orange diaper is set to the smallest setting and should begin fitting by eight pounds all the way up to 35+ pounds.
Their microfiber insert is easy to fold to make it fit in a cover set to the small or medium settings. They even say "small," "medium," and "large" on them!

Their microfiber inserts cost $5 each or $12 for a pack of three. Their disposable (unfortunately not biodegradable) inserts are $0.28 each. Each individual Flip cover comes with one microfiber insert. If you wanted to use this system, we would recommend at least five covers (for $85) and 24 inserts which means you would still need to pick up 7 insert three-packs for an additional $84. This brings the total to only $169! If you're curious about Flip but not ready to take the plunge, you can also try their day pack: two covers and six inserts for only $50! In the day pack, you basically get the inserts for half-off their individually sold price. This is a fantastic deal for this super easy to use system!

Lastly, we have GroVia. GroVia diapers also have a one-size cover that adjusts for size by snapping down the front of the diaper. They should fit most babies from 10 to 35 pounds.
GroVia uses the most amazing velcro, or "hook and loop" closures. They aren't scratchy and are so strong it's hard to believe! Another nice feature is that the entire front of the cover is the "loop" part of the hook and loop fabric so you don't have to match up where the tabs go. They can just go wherever they fit best, even if they overlap. GroVias also come in snap closures.
To protect your amazing GroVia velcro, make sure you always tuck the tabs under this nifty little strap before you toss them in the laundry. That way, they won't come undone and stick to everything else! Also, note that GroVia's warranty is voided if you wash them with a detergent containing enzymes. That includes most detergents that you'd find in the grocery store, like Tide. But, don't worry, we have plenty of enzyme-free detergents from which to to choose!

Pictured above and below is GroVia's organic cotton soaker pad. They snap into place and are waterproof on the back so your covers last longer in between washes. The soaker pads are contoured and gusseted so they fit around your baby and catch everything.
It would not be possible for GroVia's to come in cuter prints, too!
If you're curious about GroVia, they also have a trial pack that contains two covers and 40 disposable (not biodegradable) inserts for $55.
GroVia covers are $18 each and their organic cotton inserts come in two-packs for $17. For five covers and twenty-four inserts, it would only be $294. Their disposable inserts cost $0.40 each and are contoured just like the cloth versions.

So there you have it! All-In-Threes, or "Hybrid" diapers are super convenient, inexpensive and so easy to use. Stay tuned because next week we're going to cover one-size pocket diapers!

Which All-In-3 is your Favorite?
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All In Two!

Recently, we covered All-In-Ones, and now it's time for All-In-Twos. Despite the similar name, All-In-Twos are a totally different diapering system from All-In-Ones. Instead of the waterproof outside, soft fleecy lining and absorbent interior all being sewn together, All-In-Twos are made up of a waterproof cover and a separate, absorbent insert that either lays or snaps into the cover. The cover doesn't need to get washed every time, so you can just swap out the dirty insert for a clean one. This brings the price down quite a bit compared to AIOs since you only need five (or so) covers. AI2 diapers also dry a lot faster than AIOs.

We carry two AI2 brands, BestBottoms (on top) and JamTots (on bottom shelf).
BestBottoms are American made by the same mom-inventer of PlanetWise wet bags that are so popular we can hardly keep them on the shelves! BestBottoms use a one-size cover that comes in snaps or velcro closures.
The snaps overlap so you can get a nice, snug fit.
Their one-size cover will fit from birth to potty by adjusting the rows of snaps down the front. This pink diaper is set to the smallest setting.
Their microfiber snap-in inserts are sized and have a stay-dry top. They also have a snap-in microfiber doubler and a hemp option as well.
The cover is made of two layers of waterproof PUL and has double-gussets to make sure you get a perfect fit on even the skinniest legs. They come in lots of cute colors, too!
Here's their stay dry topped microfiber insert and below, their microfiber double snapped to the stay dry topped insert.
For super-soakers, you could use their hemp insert with a microfiber doubler all snapped together to stay in place.
Their inserts all come in small, medium, and large sizes.
For five covers, at $17 per cover, it would be $85. For 24 small inserts, 18 medium inserts and 12 large inserts (our recommendation) at $4 per insert, it would be $216. So the total amount from birth to potty is only $301. For the hemp option with the same number of inserts, it would be $409. If you needed some microfiber doublers for overnights, they are only $7 a piece. You probably wouldn't need as many doublers since they are mostly used for nighttime, nap time, or long car rides.

JamTots are a Canadian company that makes the most luxurious diapers! Their covers are waterproof PUL on the inside and indescribably soft minky on the outside.
Their inserts come in small, medium and large sizes. They are made of hemp and topped with even more moisture-wicking minky so baby's bottom is wrapped in the softest material imaginable. Hemp is more absorbent than cotton and naturally antimicrobial.
The inserts snap into the cover to make sure everything stays in its place.
To speed up drying time, the insert folds in thirds under the minky layer. This also means it gets thoroughly clean.
JamTots come in small, medium, and large sizes and lots of cool colors and prints.
They snap on the sides and have plenty of snap settings to make sure you get a great fit.

Each size of JamTots cover is $22. For five smalls, five mediums, and five larges, it would be $330 total. You could break up the cost by only buying the size you need at the time. The inserts are all $10. For 24 small, 18 medium, and 12 large, the total cost of inserts would be $540. If you were to break up the cost into three sets of sized JamTots, it would be $350 the first time, $290 the second time, and $230 the last time.
Total birth to potty cost is $870. Sized diapers do cost a little more than one-sized diapers, but you'll get a trimmer fit with less adjusting to worry about. For a luxurious, ridiculously cute and perhaps one of the most absorbent diapers, that's not bad at all!

Stay tuned as we get into All-In-Threes next week!