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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rocky Mountain Diapers

As we continue on our series of one size pocket diapers, Rocky Mountain Diapers is up next!

Isn't it great when you can find a fantastically made product right in your own backyard? Rocky Mountain Diapers are based out of Colorado Springs, just a short drive south from our store, and their diapers are made right here in the USA!

Like most pocket diapers, Rocky Mountain Diapers are made with a waterproof exterior, soft, moisture-wicking interior, and come with a three-layer microfiber insert which is stuffed inside to do the dirty job of absorbing- hey, somebody's gotta do it, right?

Rocky Mountain Diapers adjust to fit 5 to 30 pounds. To adjust the diaper, reach inside the pocket to find an elastic band that slides through each leg casing. Pull the elastic to tighten the leg opening and secure it with the snaps attached to the elastic. It has four settings: extra small, small, medium, and large. The snaps should stay secure through the wash, but if you have an especially yucky mess in there, you can unsnap the elastic to fully open the diaper so it can wash flat and come out perfectly clean.
When the diaper is set on a smaller setting, just fold the insert so it's not too long to fit inside. This is set to the smallest setting- so tiny!

Above, the diaper is set to the smallest setting and stuffed. Below, the diaper is set to the medium setting and stuffed. Using a diaper that can "grow" with your baby means you'll get more use out of each diaper and still get a fantastic fit.
The interior of Rocky Mountain diapers is a soft suede known for wicking moisture away from the skin just like the fleece found in many other pocket diapers. The suede fabric is a little thinner than fleece, so if you're looking for a super trim fit, give Rocky Mountain Diapers a try!
Elastic in the back keeps blowouts at bay. Thank goodness!
Rocky Mountain Diaper's website says this about caring for their diapers: "First prep your new Rocky Mountain Diaper by washing it once with full strength detergent with warm water, then wash it two more time with no detergent with warm water. After prepping just wash with other diaper as normal with 1/2 detergent and dry."
The pink diaper is set to the smallest setting, with the tabs overlapping. The orange diaper is set to the largest setting. It's hard to believe they are the same size!
They come in lots of fun colors- on the outside and inside too! How cute are these?!
At $19 per diaper, a full stash of 24 would be $456, but don't forget our dozen diaper discount! For every dozen you buy, we knock a dollar off of each diaper! We are stocked up on Rocky Mountain Diapers with plenty in every color option. If you'd like to try them out, click here!
Stay tuned! More to come...