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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AIOs: Easy-Peasy!

"Hey everybody! Wanna do some math?! Woo-hoo!"

So, I know that conversation probably hasn't ever happened. That's why I'm going to do the math for you so you can just sit back and use your cell phone for more exciting things like sharing the link to this article on Facebook. Hint!

Disposable diapers come in lots of different sizes and brands. Smaller diapers cost less per diaper, but you use more. Bigger diapers cost more per diaper, but you use less. They essentially average out to about $0.22 per diaper. At this price, you can expect to spend an average of $60 per month on something you throw away. Per year, it's $720, and if your child potty trains at two, that's $1440. Many kids aren't totally out of diapers by two, though, so it's more likely that you'd spend about $1800. Some kids are in Pull-Ups well into their fourth or fifth year which cost about $0.50 per Pull-Up! The price (not coincidentally!) continues to averages out to roughly $60 per month. Over five years that is $3,600 per child for disposables.

So, why are we doing math? I thought the title of this post had the word "easy" in it! Here's why: All-In-Ones, or AIOs, are definitely the easiest options for cloth diapering, but can be one of the more costly. However, when you put things into perspective, they are still so much cheaper than disposables that you could literally take a vacation with the money that you'll save!

AIOs are the easiest diaper because they just go on and off exactly like a disposable. They don't require any stuffing, folding, snapping or adjusting. These are the perfect diaper choice for anyone uninterested in the extra steps other diapers require. They're a great choice for babysitters, grandparents, daycare, new daddies, or anyone who wants the simplest possible option.

The only drawbacks are that they do take a bit longer to dry than other types of diapers since everything is sewn together. Adjusting for absorbency can be challenging in AIOs since not all brands have a pocket for stuffing. And lastly, they do cost a bit more than other options, but you don't necessarily need to buy the entire stash at once, so you can break up the cost over time. Additionally, if you plan to have more than one child, AIOs can be one of the cheapest cloth diapering options since they should be able to get through at least two kids.

AIOs are sized, as in:
  • Newborn
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-Large
Just like with your baby's clothes, after your baby outgrows a certain size of diaper, you put them in storage, or hand them down to a friend and move up to the next size. Since each size gets less use over time, they should be able to last through multiple kids, saving you even more money!

We carry three different brands of AIOs. The first is Monkey Doodlez. Inside, they are fully lined in soft, non-pill fleece. The outside is waterproof and microfiber or bamboo sandwiched in between make them super absorbent. They have overlapping velcro closures so you can get a perfect fit on skinny babies. They come in lots of sizes so you can be sure your baby will get a great, trim fit:
  • Newborn
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium-Long
  • Large
If you decided to use Monkey Doodlez AIOs for your baby from birth to potty, it would cost about $1560 for a total savings of $2040 over disposables! If you wanted to break it down over time, it would be:
  • $480 for 24 newborn sizes (if needed)
  • $480 for 24 smalls
  • $360 for 18 mediums
  • $240 for 12 larges (if needed)
Obviously, if you use them on two children, you'd cut the price in half to $780- a little bit more than the cost of one year of disposables. Have a great vacation!

Next, these are Lil' Joey's made by Rump-a-rooz. These super cute diapers will fit babies from four to twelve pounds and are the perfect choice for preemies, multiples, and newborns who don't quite fit into their one-size diapers yet. Lil' Joey's only come in one size since once they outgrow them, they should be ready to wear a one-size Rump-a-rooz diaper.
They come in tons of bright colors and prints. They are sold in two-packs with one solid color and one print per pack. You can mix and match to get the colors and prints you like the best!The waterproof material on Lil' Joey's is TPU, not PUL, which uses heat bonding instead of chemicals to adhere the waterproof coating to the fabric. These also biodegrade in 4 to 5 years as opposed to 500 or so years for disposables.

The front of Lil' Joey's snaps down to steer clear of a healing belly button. They also have two snap settings so you'll always get a nice, snug, comfy fit.
The inside of Lil' Joey's have their signature double-gussets to contain messy breastfed poos! No blowouts or leaks and nothing but soft fleece against your baby's precious new skin.
Lil' Joeys cost $30 for a two-pack. For 24 total diapers, it would be $360 and they should last for at least 4 months. Some kids could make it to 6 months, which would be the exact same cost of disposables for that period of time. After only 4 to 6 months of use, the diapers could definitely be put in storage for another baby in the future, cutting the cost in half!

And lastly, these are Bum Genius AIOs. They come in newborn, small, medium, and large sizes.
The newborn size is the only true AIO, since it doesn't have the pocket that the other sizes have to adjust absorbency. All the other sizes have a sewn-in microfiber insert and a pocket to add another insert for naps or bedtime. Here's a pink newborn size:
This orange diaper is a large size with an extra insert half-way inserted. Before you put these in the laundry, it's a good idea to pull the dirty insert out so it gets just as clean as the actual diaper.
I have good news and bad news: The bad news is that Bum Genius just announced that, except for the newborn size, they are soon discontinuing their AIOs! The good news is: that means ours are going on sale! Sizes small, medium and large are 40% off!
For 24 newborn AIOs, at $13 a piece, you'd be set for $312. If you act quickly, you can buy our small, medium, and large sizes for only $9.60 per diaper! At that price, you could get from birth to potty in the easiest cloth diaper for only $830.40!

You'd better hurry and book your cruise from your cell phone, while you're at it since you're saving $2770 over the cost of disposables!

Stay tuned as we continue to go through each of the different types of cloth diapers!

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